The United Nations said yesterday it believed 265,000 people have been displaced by the conflict. The final battle: A map showing where the events of the last few days took place We hold no brief for the Tamil Tigers. Disbelieving rebel supporters vow the war will continue Sri Lanka s government has declared an end to its 26-year civil war and today showed images of what it claims is the body of the Tamil Tiger leader. We can live in peace after this   The chubby, mustachioed Prabhakaran turned what was little more than a street gang in the late 1970s into one of the world s most feared insurgencies. Army chief General Sarath Fonseka today announced that his body had been recovered. That solution should be acceptable to all the communities, he said. Mr Miliband said yesterday there have been very grave allegations of war crimes on both sides and they should be investigated. Aid workers prevented from reaching the fleeing masses have expressed concern at their treatment.

The government information department also sent a text message to mobile phones across the country announcing Prabhakaran was killed along with his top deputies. But Tamils and their supporters refused to believe the war was over or the LTTE defeated. Mr Miliband has been critical of the Sri Lankan government s prosecution of the war, and is seen in the country as sympathetic to the vocal pro-LTTE lobby that has protested outside parliament for weeks in Britain. Sri Lanka has been furious that a number of its embassies in foreign capitals have been vandalised by Tamil Tiger backers. At a meeting of EU foreign ministers, Mr Miliband said : I think it s vital that he (Mr Rajapaksa) looks to the future. A few hours ago, the body of terrorist leader Prabhakaran, who ruined this country, was found in the battleground, he told state television. Many are being held behind barbed wire in what some see as prison camps, as the government seeks to sift out rebel supporters. There has been a Tamil presence at the site for more than a month with protesters demanding a cease-fire on the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka.

Police in London say 10 Tamil protesters were arrested today outside Parliament for public order offences. President Rajapaksa has pledged to call elections in the former LTTE areas as swiftly as possible. Troops then pulled a body from the van and identified it as that of the rebel leader, they said, although no formal identification has yet been made..
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